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Player/Parent Agreement



We thought it might be helpful if we provided you with an idea of who we are and what we believe to be our “Coaching Philosophy” pertaining to the game of soccer. We believe that player development reaches far beyond just soccer skills.  The TempesT FC training environment allows players to develop positive character traits, achieve self-confidence, understand personal responsibility to teammates, and appreciate the value of good sportsmanship.  Off the field, players are encouraged to strive for excellence in the classroom, to be excellent role models in their communities, and practice social responsibility through club sponsored activities or programs. Throughout our soccer career, it has provided us with some insight into ideas that not only help create better soccer players, but also facilitate individual player’s maturation.  There are two key principles that we feel help create better soccer players and a better soccer program. They are as follows:


  1. Know your limitations and use them to your advantage

    In order to perform at the highest level you have to know your limitations and at the same time know your strengths. Throughout our playing career we have been successful at knowing what positions fit each player’s mental and physical abilities. This is important in creating a well-balanced team.  Also, you need to surround yourself with talented people who understand their role in the larger scheme of things. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.



  2. Play Hard, Play to Win, and Have Fun!!!

    You must teach your team to play hard no matter who the opponents are, because you’re setting your own standards and playing toward goals you want the team and each player to achieve.  The players must learn that the best respect you can give your opponent is to play to win and give them your best.  Most important is to create a fun environment in which players appreciate physical activity and learn the game, teamwork, and strategy.  They will be taught discipline and confidence building skills that will translate into other areas of their lives.




    To provide children the opportunity to develop soccer skills, knowledge, and techniques in a challenging, motivating and FUN environment.  This is accomplished through challenging practice sessions and competing against the best local, state, resional and national competition.  TempesT FC team accomplishments are the result of player-first philosophy and each players drive for excellence both on and off the field.




    As the parent or legal guardian of the player named herein (“my player”), I am registering my player as a member of TempesT FC Girls Soccer and understand that this is a commitment for one year, during which time I agree to abide by and support the policies, procedures, and financial commitments of TempesT FC. In consideration of my compliance with these policies, procedures, and financial commitments, TempesT FC will provide training and development of my player in the competitive soccer program.



I understand and agree that, although TempesT FC strives to provide quality playing time for all players, there is NO

guarantees of playing time in any single game for a player. I understand and agree that my player is expected to meet a high standard of commitment to training and play and is expected to attend all practices and participate in all league games and tournaments, as scheduled during each session, including those scheduled on holiday weekends (including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and others).

  1. Is at the discretion of TempesT FC Directors and Coaches

  2. Is not guaranteed placement for the duration of the Fall Season and/or the Spring Season; and

  3. Is based on the current skill level of my player, as assessed by the coach and training staff, the skill level of the other players on the team, and the needs of the assigned team; and that my player may be moved from one team to another during either season and such moves does not alter my financial obligations to TempesT FC for my player.



    a) Club administration fees
    b) League games and league referee fees
    c) Club training fees
    d) 4-5 Tournaments
    e) Field Rentals

Does NOT include

    a) Uniforms that are ordered through Soccer Village
    b) Summer Camp
    c) Winter Indoor Soccer/Winter training                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I understand and agree that individual monthly statements will not be mailed out by either traditional or electronic mail and that it is my responsibility to keep monthly payments, if any, current. I understand and agree that a $15.00 late fee will be assessed for any payment received 15 days after the due date or for any debit card or check that is declined or returned and not paid within 15 days after it is due.

I understand and agree that failure to pay any TempesT FC registration fees or teams fees within 30 days of the payment due date will result in revocation of the players card and that the card will be held by TempesT FC until the overdue payment is received or alternate payment arrangements are areed upon in writing and signed by both the parent/guardian and an authorized representative of TempesT FC. While TempesT FC recognizes that emergencies and unexpected events may result in financial strain on a family and such hardships will be evaluated when determining whether to accept alternate payment arrangements on behalf of the player, I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to contact the TempesT FC Administrator in a timely manner if a hardship occurs that interferes with my ability to honor my financial commitments to TempesT FC.



I understand and agree that there are NO refunds for this competitive program, but that there can be considerations for players who have season-ending injuries or who move out of the area, and that such requests must be made through the TempesT FC administrator.



Over the years we have learned for a club to be successful there needs to be clear communication between the club, teams, coaches, players, and parents. This agreement is our way of explaining our expectations of you as a member of TempesT FC.

  1. The Player, Team, Club

    Once you commit to join TempesT FC, you are part of a club, not just one team.  Members of TempesT FC agree to put the club ahead of the team.  Although in most cases you will play on one team the entire season, you could be asked to play on another team during your membership.  Club decisions will be made by the appropriate member of the TempesT FC Staff.  Players are expected to be committed to the club for the entire season.

  2. Expectations of the Individual Player

    During the soccer season the team and its players will participate in training sessions, league games and tournaments.  Players are expected to arrive on time with required equipment (shoes, proper uniform, soccer ball, shin guards, etc…) and be ready to train or play.  If players will not be able to attend an event or will be late, it is expected that they let the coach know.  Layers are expected to give their best effort at each training session, game and have a positive attitude, TEAM attitude.

  3. Coaching Decisions

    Coaches will make decisions on game line-ups, positions, playing time, etc… Players and parents are expected to respect those decisions and players should be positive in fulfilling the role they are asked to perform for the team.  If parents have questions regarding decisions that were made during a game, they are to observer the 24 hour rule and wait at least until the next day to address the coach. Parents and coaches are always expected to address each other in an appropriate manner.

  4. Playing Time

    Playing time is decided by the coach.  Coaches will determine how players can increase their playing time and communicate that to the parents and players.

  5. Parents and Team Commitment

    Parental support and involvement in the club is essential.  If your daughter is selected and chooses to commit herself to TempesT FC, your commitment is also necessary.  If players are to make a commitment to the club and their team, parents must see to it that players attend all possible club and team functions.  At times, conflicts cannot be avoided and other important events take precedence.  The club requires communication, planning, and understanding so we can minimize conflicts.  When players are going to miss a training session or match, it is best to let the coach know at least a day in advance as well, as all training sessions are planned in advance.

  6. Overall Behavior

    We expect our players, parents and coaches to possess characteristics such as respect, responsibility, discipline, leadership, dedication, and integrity.  Coaches will instruct players to ignore adverse conditions, such as poor calls made by officials, foul language, rough play, cheating, poor weather, negative behavior by opponents, parent coaching from the sidelines and focus on what they can control, such as their effort and attitude.  We expect our parents to have this same approach.  Parents and player are to adhere to the TempesT FC Code of Conduct.

  7. Sideline Behavior

    Your vocal support and positive encouragement are very much welcome on the sidelines.  However, no matter how good your intentions are, giving instructions to players from the parent’s sidelines is not allowed.  We also insist that parents refrain from addressing the officials.

  8. Uniform & Equipment Policy

    All players are expected to wear the designated club uniform.

  9. Financial Commitment

    Parents are expected to adhere to the payment schedule set at the beginning of each season.

  10. Optional Events & Programs

    Throughout the year TempesT FC will offer optional programs such as indoor soccer, camps and winter training.  These programs are provided in order to aid in player development and will usually incur an additional fee.   TempesT FC will also organize events, such as parties and clinics that are optional.

  11.  Summary

    Our goal is to provide an environment in which players can develop to their fullest soccer potential as well as develop character traits that will impact them for life.


    I understand and agree that TempesT FC may use photographs of my player for any lawful purpose including but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertising, social media, and web content.



    I, the parent/guardian of the registrant, agree that we will abide by the rules of TempesT FC, the state association (OSYSA), its affiliated organizations, and US Club Soccer. My/our child wishes to participate in soccer during the season of this registration. I/we realize risks are involved in my/our child’s participation. I/we understand that the risk to my/our child includes the full range of injuries from minor to severe, and the result could be death, paralysis, or other serious, permanent disability. I/we accept this risk as a condition of my/our child’s participation.






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